The Wolf Man's Dream Jigsaw Puzzle


Solve the puzzle of the Wolf Man's Dream with our new 750 piece jigsaw puzzle! 

Shortly before Christmas, when he was approaching his fourth birthday, Sergei Pankejeff woke up screaming from a terrifying dream in which he saw a number of white wolves sitting in a walnut tree, staring at him with ‘strained attention’. The dream made a lasting impression on the young Pankejeff and later became the focal point of his analysis with Sigmund Freud, which was published under the title ‘From the History of an Infantile Neurosis’ (1918). To help illustrate his case study, Freud asked Pankejeff to draw a sketch of the dream. In later life, Pankejeff painted several versions of his wolf dream including the one reproduced here entitled ‘Painting of Wolves Sitting in a Tree’ (1965), which now hangs in the Freud Museum London.

750 pieces

Assembled size 600x435mm


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