Melanie Klein: The Basics - R.D. Hinshelwood, Tomasz Fortuna


Melanie Klein: The Basics provides an accessible and concise introduction to the life and work of Melanie Klein, whose discoveries advanced those of Freud and other analysts, deepening out insight into the unconscious domain of psychology in human beings. Klein began her work by developing a method of psychoanalysis for children, which enabled understanding of those crucial early steps in the development of human mind and identity. Although she initiated one strand of clinical and theoretical developments, many of his discoveries are well-regarded by other schools of psychoanalysis. 

This book contains 4 parts, as well as further reading suggestions and a helpful gloassary of key terms. Part I introduces Melanie Klein in the context of her life, her early interest in psychoanalysis ad her first discoveries; Part II takes up the development of her technique of child analysis and discusses the ways in which she influenced the technique of adult analysis and the more general understanding of the human mind; Part III focuses on further scientific and clinical developments in psychoanalytic technique - especially those referring to the understanding and treatment of serious emotional disturbance, e.g. psychosis or affective disorders; Part IV focuses on contemporary developments in Kleinian and post-Kleinian psychoanalysis, considering clinical, cultural, and socio-political applications. 

This book will appeal to all readers seeking a clear and concise introduction to Melania Klein. It will also interest researchers and professionals working within the field of psychoanalysis seeking a succinct overview of Klein's contribution. 

Format: Paperback

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