Making Sense - Martin Stanton


An epic rollercoaster ride that provokes us to realise that life cannot be explained or thought out – it can only make sense through major areas of feeling that resist interpretation and display no underlying logic. This is the first book from the Future Perfect Trilogy by Martin Stanton

A literary masterpiece from world-renowned psychoanalyst and distinguished writer, Professor Martin Stanton that picks up the baton from R. D. Laing. Spanning a novel, travel-guide, documentary, self-help book, play, photo album, film script, and work of art, Making Sense is a cultural phenomenon – a long overdue wake-up call – railing at society’s idealisation and narcissism. Martin Stanton has created a guide for a postmodern world that is constructed through social media, and communicates principally through tweets, texts and selfies.

Like Homer’s Odyssey, this is an epoch-changing classic that takes a timely quantum leap from a cognitive world of straight-line argument and causal interpretation, into a parallel unconscious universe of uncontrolled feeling, which traps fragments of fantasy in the retreating tides of reality. Making Sense collects together a group of major and minor characters, some real, some imaginary, who set out to make sense of life together by opening the social media gate between Reality and Fantasy. A survey of Martin Stanton’s own thinking and feeling on his original psychoanalytic odyssey across becalmed seas, random conversations with a therapeutic parrot, stranded for a while with Socrates on the black sandy beach of Paradise, he explores how a bezoar stone, a caddis insect, and a karaoke moment can linger through his life, and make sense for him as a primary source; as unconscious effects which sustain, enlighten, and entertain him through darker times.

This book scrawls a message of hope in the sand once the outgoing tide has retreated. ‘Enjoy life’, it says. ‘Celebrate it in yourself and in others.’

Still Life and Timeout will follow over the next few years.

Published by Phoenix Publishing, November 2019

Format: Paperback

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