All At Sea - Gerry Byrne


When Liam's mum and dad bring his baby brother home from the hospital, they give Liam a family of hippos - a mummy hippo, a daddy hippo, two little hippos and a tiny baby hippo. The littlest hippo keeps going missing and every night Liam has bad dreams...

A warm and reassuring story about the arrival of a new baby.

Explore some of the key theories of Freud, Klein and Anna Freud with this beautifully illustrated story book, in which a small boy attempts to deal with his ambivalence towards his new-born brother with the help of a toy baby hippo.

Child Psychotherapist Gerry Byrne has collaborated with illustrator Faye Hanson to produce this delightful children’s story book, in which the following psychoanalytic themes are subtly treated within the narrative:

  •  Dream theory (Freud, Klein, Meltzer, Bion) - dreaming takes place 24/7 and is involved in processing internal conflict
  • Ambivalence (Freud, Klein)
  • Loss of the beloved (Freud)
  • Move from paranoid-schizoid to depressive concern (Klein)
  • Losing toys/objects as expression of being lost or insecure (Anna Freud)
  • The roles and functions of play and drawing in expressing a child's internal world and conflicts and in processing and ultimately resolving the same
  • The creative impulse

 A must for all psychoanalytically inclined caregivers!

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