Baboon of Thoth - Terracotta Replica of Freud's Marble Figurine by Martha Todd


Exclusive to the Freud Museum, a unique replica of the marble figurine that sits on Sigmund Freud's desk.

Thoth, the ibis-headed god of the moon and intellect, was often represented as a seated baboon. The Egyptians believed the baboon was the spirit of Thoth. The orb crowning his head represents the crescent moon. After death, the Egyptians believed that Thoth, because of his scribal duties, was in charge of the scale in the Weighing of the Heart, a ceremony in which the deeds and virtues of the deceased were judged. This small statue was probably an offering during the Classical Period, when Thoth increased in popularity due to his association with the Greek messenger god, Hermes.

The Freud family's housekeeper Paula Fichtl noted that Sigmund Freud was in the habit of stroking the marble baboon 'like a pet' when deep in thought.

The base of each figurine is initialled and dated by the artist, Martha Todd.

All busts are individually made and will vary slightly.

Height: 18.5cm
Width: 9.5cm
Weight: 836g

Packed in a cotton gift bag

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Martha Todd RCA MA is an artist working from her studio in North London. Her work is often conceptual and normally involves sculpting figurative forms, both human and animal. She makes work for exhibitions and on commission.

Read more about our partnership with Martha here. 

Martha's Website

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