The Psychology of Political Extremism - Gabrielle Rifkind


What Would Sigmund Freud Have Thought About Islamic State?

In this topical publication, psychotherapist and group analyst Gabrielle Rifkind addresses the most pressing concerns of our time. Rifkind argues that Islamic State is seen primarily through a political lens: the psychological motivation of such groups is poorly understood. But we need to ask the question, do the inner disquiets of Islam make more sense to the psychologists than to the imams?


  1. Freud, the father of psychoanalysis
  2. Can war be avoided?
  3. Religion: the search for a powerful father?
  4. The psychology of terrorism
  5. What can we do?

The Freud Museum is hosting an event on 27 September 2018 with author, Gabrielle Rifkind, upon the publication of this work. Purchase your tickets here.


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