Psychoanalysis Timeline


A comprehensive timeline of the history of psychoanalysis depicting the major thinkers, theories, publications, and events in the history of psychoanalysis throughout the 20th Century, and placing them within the wider context of world events.

The Timeline opens out into ten panels. Each panel depicts one decade, and each entry is categorized under one of seven major schools of thought: Freud and Freudians; Jung and Jungians; the British School, including Kleinians and Independents; French psychoanalysis, including Lacan and Lacanians; Adler, Rank, Social and Cultural Theorists; the Budapest School; and the International Psychoanalytic Association Congresses and Presidents.
The reverse contains an introduction by the authors, an explanation of how the Timeline works, and a series of short essays on major historical events throughout each of the ten decades.

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