Freud: The Unconscious & World Affairs - René Major, Chantal Talagrand


A new and comprehensive biography about Freud in his time and the legacy of his work.


Chapter list:

  1. Why burn Freud's books?
  2. Vienna at the end of the nineteenth century
  3. Family portraits
  4. Kindred spirits in literature and philosophy
  5. Revenants
  6. Questioning the teachers
  7. A fortunate contretemps
  8. The lure of the south
  9. Theories of sexuality
  10. Freud the man
  11. The circle of the first followers
  12. Case histories
  13. The war years
  14. Death
  15. Life without illusions
  16. The right to psychoanalysis
  17. Why war?
  18. The unpromised land
  19. Timeline of life events

René Major is a renowned psychoanalyst practising in Paris. He was the director of the Institut de psychoanalyse de Paris and program director at the College international de philosophie. He founded the magazine Confrontation, as well as Contretemps, a publication linking contemporary art to literature, philosophy and psychoanalysis. He is the director of the Institut des hautes études en psychoanalyse and the author of numerous books.

Chantal Talagrand is a psychoanalyst practising in Paris. She was editor-in-chief of Confrontation and Contretemps and director of the section on psychoanalysis in the Dictionnaire universel des créatrices. She has published many articles in France and abroad.

'Unlike other biographies of Freud, René Major and Chantal Talagrand's book is unique in the richness of its contextualisation and the scope and clarity of its historical framework. With the confidence that comes from a deep knowledge of their subject, they present a political Freud, engaged with the issues of his day, and whose thought cannot be ignored given the challenges of our own time. Written with elegance and wisdom, this is an inspiring and important book.'
- Darian Leader, psychoanalyst and member of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research. 

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