Freud and Latin America - Exhibition Catalogue


This catalogue has been produced in conjunction with the exhibition Freud and Latin America held at the Freud Museum London, 17 January - 14 July 2024.

Psychoanalysis has often been considered a Eurocentric practice, with its origins in Freud’s former home of Vienna, Austria and its earliest schools formed in European centres such as Berlin, Budapest, London and Paris. But in the 21st-century, Latin America is home to some of the most important psychoanalytic centres in the world. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, has the highest number of psychoanalysis per capita  in the world. Why has this region embraced psychoanalysis so warmly? And how has Freudian theory influenced wider culture and society?

In this catalogue

  • Introducing Freud and Latin America - Jamie Ruers 

  • Freud and the Latin Americans - Mariano Ben Plotkin 

  • The Cultural History of Psychoanalysis in Latin America - Mariano Ruperthuz 

  • Freud in Brazil - Belinda Mandelbaum 

  • Freud Gone Wild: A Mexican Story - Rubén Gallo  

  • Grete Stern - Dawn Ades 

This catalogue is edited by Jamie Ruers

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